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Bacchus (c. 1596) is an oil painting by Italian Baroque master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) commissioned by Cardinal Del Monte.The painting shows a youthful Bacchus reclining in classical fashion with grapes and vine leaves in his hair, fingering the drawstring of his loosely draped robe. On a stone table in front of him is a bowl of fruit and a large carafe of red wine Bacchus, 1596 by Caravaggio Courtesy of www.Caravaggio.org Despite recent scholarly efforts to establish the Bacchus as an allegory - of the sense of taste, or even of Christ - the painting remains sufficient and convincing as simply the portrayal of a boy dressed as the ancient god of wine The Young Sick Bacchus (Italian: Bacchino Malato), also known as the Sick Bacchus or the Self-Portrait as Bacchus, is an early self-portrait by the Baroque artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, dated between 1593 and 1594.It now hangs in the Galleria Borghese in Rome.According to Caravaggio's first biographer, Giovanni Baglione, it was a cabinet piece painted by the artist using a mirror

Bacchus by Caravaggio is an oil on canvas painting painted by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Completed in about 1595 A.D., it is an example of the Renaissance era's interest in Classical revival. It was painted during Caravaggio's stay with his first patron, Cardinal del Monte Disclaimer: Caravaggio.net is a fan website dedicated to the paintings and art prints produced by famous Italian painter Caravaggio, and is in no way an official website for painter caravaggio, nor does it claim to be. The Estate of caravaggio and their presence hold all necessary copyrights and licences for all of his paintings and other works Bacchus by Caravaggio, 1596-1597, found at Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence . This figure, full of contrasts, was represented by the young and controversial painter, Caravaggio, whose real name is believed to be Michelangelo Merisi, whose private life was full of promiscuity and scandal, who spent his later life fleeing a death sentence for murder, only to become one of the most celebrated.

Caravaggio, egentligen Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (alternativt Amerighi Caravaggio [1]), född 29 september 1571 i Milano, död 18 juli 1610 i Porto Ercole, var en italiensk barock målare.Han bröt till viss del med den måleriska konventionen och betonade naturalismen i sina verk Bacchus (grek. Bákkhos) var i romersk mytologi rusets och vinets gud.Han var romarnas version av grekernas Dionysos (lat. Dionysus) och namnet påstås kunna härledas tillbaka till ett ord för bullrigt uppträdande och även den begråtne, den djupt sörjde.. Romarnas tumultartade fester till Bacchus kallades backanaler (lat. bacchanalia).. Online and physical boutique selling interior design with focus on Scandinavian high-quality. Our products are mainly from the 20th century and conclude everything from art-glas, furniture, ceramics, art and paintings Bacchus har alla möjligheter att bli en levande stadsdel där Falkenbergare kan bada, umgås, äta, shoppa och uppleva nöjen endast en kort promenad från centrum och precis intill havet, Skrea strand och Ätrans mynning. Bacchus är också en symbol för ett Falkenberg i framkant. För en stad med framtidstro och handlingskraft Bakchus jako alegorie. Bacchus, také známý jako Dionýsos, byl řecký bůh vína, opilství, plodnosti a divadla. Je radostný a laskavý k těm, kdo ho obdivují, ale krutý a trestající ty, kdo jeho pravidla překračují. Scény z řecké mytologie byly často vystavovány v soukromých prostorách aristokratů

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Bacchus (c.1596) is een schilderij gemaakt door de Italiaanse barokschilder Caravaggio.Het hangt in Sala del Caravaggio van het museum Uffizi in Florence.Het is een olieverfschilderij op doek van 95 x 85 cm groot. Het schilderij beeldt de Romeinse en Griekse god Bacchus, god van de wijn, met een glas wijn in zijn hand uit Bacchus. Author. Michelangelo Merisi detto il Caravaggio (Milano 1571 - Porto Ercole 1610) Date. 1598 ca. Museum. The Uffizi. Collection. Painting. Location. Room 90. Technique. Oil on canvas. Size. 95 x 85 cm. Inventory. Inv. 1890 no. 5312. The painting is part of Caravaggio's early series of half-length portraits which includes works such as. As was generally the case with Caravaggio's works, Bacchus is striking for the artist's careful attention to realistic detail. Composition: One of art historians' favorite topics when discussing Caravaggio's Bacchus is the still-life of fruit in the foreground. The artist's early years painting fruits and flowers for the Caveliere d'Arpino definitely paid off, as the Caravaggio's mastery of. Young Sick Bacchus is also referred as a 'small picture of a youth with a garland of ivy, and a bunch of grapes in his hand'. It was then given by Pope Paul V to his nephew, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, and has remained in the Borghese collection ever since Bacchus est un tableau de Caravage conservé à la galerie des Offices de Florence.Il a été peint à la fin du XVI e siècle, mais les experts sont partagés sur sa date précise ; il n'est pas non plus possible d'identifier un commanditaire certain, même s'il est établi que le tableau se retrouve rapidement dans la collection de la famille Médicis, où il est répertorié à partir de 1618

Caravaggio (29. syyskuuta 1571 Milano - 18. heinäkuuta 1610 Porto Ercole; oikealta nimeltään Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio; hänestä käytetään hänen kotikylänsä nimeä) oli italialainen taidemaalari barokin ajalta. Hän maalasi dramaattisia, isokokoisia töitä pyhimyksistä ja muista uskonnollisista aiheista. Hänen tummasävyisissä töissään on erityisen mestarillista. Bacchus by Caravaggio. Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio, is one of the most important artists in the history of Art.. Nervous by temperament, often violent, revolutionary in his way of painting, Caravaggio personifies in every aspect of his eventful life the romantic figure of the damned artist. Born in Milan, he worked mainly in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily Bacchus. Caravaggio 1571-1610. Oljefärgstryck på canvas ,60x50 cm Tavlan är tryckt och ska skickas i en tub. Den är inte original The adolescent Bacchus Caravaggio 1595 - 1597. View in Augmented Reality. View in Street View. Uffizi Gallery Florence, Italy

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Caravaggio is best known for being a renowned yet controversial Italian painter of the late 1500s and early 1600s. Some of his best-known works of art are Sick Bacchus, The Musicians, Head of the Medusa, The Conversion of St. Paul, The Entombment of Christ, and The Beheading of St. John Caravaggio scheute nicht, ihn mit geröteter Nase, leichten Stirnfalten und ausgedünnten Haaren darzustellen. Der Maler hat also keine Skrupel, auch Heilige menschlich abzubilden. Auch Kleiner kranker Bacchus stellt die mythologische Figur in einer höchst unvorteilhaften Art dar: grünliches Gesicht und krank wirkende Lippen A youthful Caravaggio Bacchus, god of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy and theatre is reclining in classical fashion with grapes and vine leaves in his hair. Painted shortly after Caravaggio joined the household of Cardinal Del Monte reflects the humanist interests of the Cardinal's educated circle Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Italian painter who was one of those who first began to work in a beautiful Baroque, wrote Bacchus in a rather peaceful and relaxing time in their lives. This is suggested by the fact that the character of Caravaggio painted previously, but did not complete a stiff upper lip strength, and sick and a few shabby man with his haggard face

Caravaggio var en italiensk maler som var grunnleggende for utviklingen av det barokke maleriet. Han er mest kjent for sine religiøse motiver, naturalistiske stil og markerte bruk av chiaroscuro. Caravaggios innflytelse var svært stor i løpet av de første tiårene av 1600-tallet. Next up is the painting The Young Sick Bacchus, also known as the Self-Portrait as Bacchus or Sick Bacchus, made shortly after Caravaggio arrived in Rome from his native Milan.This Caravaggio painting is located in the Galleria Borghese in Rome. According to historical resources, Caravaggio suffered from malaria and hepatic disease, so he was treated at Santa Maria della Consolazione hospital.

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